Ever wonder what Bohemian style decor is. The word “Bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy, ” and it applies to those who live in an unconventional way. So the bohemian style or boho-chic style of furniture and clothing are a colorful expression of oneself.

If you are a true lover of bohemian ideas and love their clothes, shoes and all other accessories that you must find the urge to renovate the look of the house with bohemian home decor designs. Bohemian interior designs are nature inspired so hence is colorful, green and very vibrant. It is important to mix and match the various items to get an elegant plan, which will bring a majestic attraction and lively look to your home. The bohemian way of interiors is to take your dreamland and make it a reality by simple changes and adding color to offset the dull surroundings or to create a new focal point. Here are some pictures to get you inspired.

Dream Catchers

The Best way to add a lot of color to your home with overdoing it is with these beautiful dream catchers. The feathers and threads add a lot of drama ion an otherwise dull or plain room.


Broken Tile Mosaic is a lovely touch to make a feature wall in the bathroom, the most under-appreciated room of the house. You could also do the stairs in the house with mosaic to give that bohemian touch.


A Colorful sofa would make the perfect centerpiece in a living room where all the other furniture is of a single color. The patchwork pattern is very Boho-Chic and looks great in any setting but make sure not to go overboard with the colors.


Since Bohemian Decor is inspired by nature what better way than to get a little nature inside to complete the look. The plants add a lot of layers to the decor and are good for you. There are a lot of plants that offer beneficial uses apart from adding to your decor.

The Bohemian Decor is all about layers. The Colors need to be mixed and matched in layers to make it the perfect decor for your home. The idea if of boho-chic is to be one with nature which is also the gypsy way. Nature is simple and ever complimentary to its surroundings. Be like nature and just do it simple and complimentary to your other furniture.

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