Getting Started

Why should Leben Style design my home?

Leben Style has redefined interior design through an end-to-end home interiors service that’s powered by cutting-edge technology. Our marketplace brings you the expertise of some of India’s best designers, service partners, a vast catalog of furniture and decor, reliable warranties and professional installation — online — making furnishing your dream home personal and easy.

How is Leben Style different from contractors/ individual designers/ studios?

Leben Style is a marketplace that brings you an online home design experience through cutting-edge technology. If you were to design your home interiors through a contractor/ individual designer/ studio, it would essentially mean extensive amounts of research, choosing materials, finishes and colors, sourcing furniture, coordinating with painters, carpenters, and hoards of labor. With Leben Style, we give you everything you’ll ever need — from top designers, expert installation partners, designer furniture, products, reliable warranties and much more.

Which are the cities Leben Style currently operates in?

Leben Space is currently operational in Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai.

What kind of spaces does Leben Style design?

Leben Style offers complete interiors and exteriors for all residential homes, Offices and commercial establishments, be it small or big, apartments , individual homes, villas ,offices, restaurants or commercial shops.

Can I get just a part of my home designed?


I live outside India but, I own a property in India. Can Leben Style help design my home?

Yes, We would be able to give you the designs for execution by local contractors.

What kind of designers work with Leben Style?

Our  interior designers are the very best the industry has to offer, handpicked and vetted to design beautiful, functional homes that are personalised to your requirements, lifestyle and needs.

Does Leben Style undertake civil work?

Leben Style offers end-to-end home interiors, which includes civil work by our trusted and professional service partners. To know more, please discuss the scope of your requirements with one of our designers. To get started

How do I schedule my first design consultation?

It’s easy! Just fill up the form here. One of our designers will get in touch with you to schedule your first consultation.

I’ve submitted the online consultation form. When will I get a call from a Leben Style designer?

Congratulations, you’ve just taken a big step to living in your dream space! Now that you have filled up the form, our designer will reach out to you within one working day.

Can I just walk into your Design Center? Do I need an appointment?

You don’t need an appointment to visit Leben Style Design Centers. You just have to walk in, touch and feel our designs, and explore our vast library of materials and finishes.

Can I see sample materials, finishes, color palettes before I make a booking?

Yes, definitely. Our Design Centers are equipped with a wide range of designs, and a vast library of materials and finishes to help you understand how Leben Style can transform your home interiors, and make an informed decision of booking us.

If I have any queries/ concerns, who do I get in touch with?

Our customer care team is more than happy to help! Please call us on 070171 00062 (10 AM – 9 PM) or write to us at Leben Style. You can also use the live chat option on our website.