We all fantasize about a beautiful home which we can come back to, from our busy day at work. But with shrinking spaces and rising cost, finding such a home is a mammoth task, and the dream house remains a distant dream for most of us. Well, life isn’t that tough for all of us, especially for the owners of this beautiful bungalow designed by LebenStyle in Bangalore. Away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, this private space is spread across  10,000 square feet.

The bungalow is a very interesting piece of architecture and a huge challenge for us, because of its sloping landscape. The greatest challenge for us was to use the slopes and come up with something which goes with the flow of nature and not look like an obstruction to nature.

The bungalow is a testament to the great design and architectural sense of Tasmia and her team. The architecture is interesting—the living room, exterior, and the dining rooms are all separate spaces, connected via pathways that are merged with green patches. It’s unlike anything you get to see in Bangalore.  “Landscaping was something that was a completely new experience for us in this project because of the slopes.

I point out the Moroccan and Balinese influence on the architecture, and Tasmia says, “ I like to travel quite a lot, which gave us the opportunity to visit different places of architectural significance, and that’s where we got the inspiration for this bungalow!”

The exteriors comprise three main areas: the driveway, the sit out and the pathway connecting the different rooms. For the driveway, we have used concrete tiles. Which is good for heavy vehicle. We wanted to use a material that is quite strong and looks elegant too. So we decided on concrete tiles,” explains Tasmia. The green grass patches spread across different sections of the property and act as a perfect venue for hosting parties and social events. “The key has been functionality but when it came to designing the outdoors, we have put in a lot of thought into the look as well,” she says.

My favourite outdoor feature is the stone wall connected to the dining room, and sitting by them is nostalgic. “On one of our trips to Jaipur, we visited a beautiful palace that had stones carved mesh walls. We implemented the same style here. We bought carved stone and installed it as our wall connecting the dining room of the bungalow.”

One of the best parts of the house is that it is surrounded by a lot of trees that keep the entire area cool. “When we saw this plot, it already had a lot of trees including a few coconut palms, which give a soothing look to the house. Besides, they make for a great setting to entertain guests, family and friends ”.

At the entrance of the bungalow, there is this beautiful tree which is our way to let in the outdoors in, the tree is a great focal point in the middle of the skylight. “It not only interlinks the outdoors but also has a soothing effect on anyone strolling about the house,” she explains.

We then move into the living room, which is very spacious, and the feeling of space in the room is only enhanced by the minimalist furniture. On one side, there is a bright blue sofa as a focal piece and, on the other, a beige sofa which helps create a neutral tone to the room. The walls are decorated with interesting textured stone. But what adds character to this room is the large round stone with a hole in it.

A couple of rooms are still undergoing a few changes. “It’s an ongoing process. We keep adding and changing things in the house,” says Tasmia. On our way out, I stop to examine the simple outdoor seating, which connects the bedroom to the living room. This interesting-looking wall right behind the bench is the solution to leveling the slopes and giving a beautiful backdrop to a nice evening,

Leben Style has created a home with sheer passion and love, and it shows. It truly reflects the personality of the owners—it’s unostentatious and yet has a distinct charm. I am sure most of us, after 9 to 5 day at work, would surely love to come home to something as beautiful Bungalow