Workplace Design Tips that Enhance Performance

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Optimization of the workforce is the primary goal of every organization. People are the main components of the engine which is the organization, they keep companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating.

Thoughtful designing of the workplace can be a powerful tool for employee performance. Productivity is interrelated to health and wellness hence a healthy employee is very productive to the company


10  design elements can positively impact the workplace environment and support productivity :

1. Thermal Comfort and Temperature

2. Access to Nature, Views and Daylight

3. Sensory Change and Variability

4. Color

5. Noise Control

6. Crowding

7. Human Factors and Ergonomics

8. Indoor Air Quality

9. Choice

10. Employee Engagement

Workplace strategies:

  • Workspaces should enable visibility, open space and greater employee mobility for employee engagement. Workers are more likely to get motivated by seeing each other, they are more likely to collaborate with each other to do more for the organization.
  • Collaborative spaces are essential for employees to take a break and relax and return to the work with a new perspective. The pantry is the perfect place where they can sit comfortably and have a cup of coffee and not think about work.
  • Teamwork is an essential part of an organizations success. Creating an environment in the workplace of belongingness is important to make the employee feel more loyal.
  • Reinforce employee engagement by visible recognition of employees in the form of awards and appraisals to motivate the employees.

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