Quiz to Find Your Wardrobe Design

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The Bedroom wardrobe has a lot of calculation which needs to be done to maximize the storage space. If you have clothes then you have to have a wardrobe. Since the wardrobe is the most used piece of furniture we at Leben Style have come up with this quiz to give you the best wardrobe according to your needs.

Question #1: How would you describe  your room:


B. Compact

C. Huge

 Question #2:  How much space do you have available for a wardrobe?

A. Minimum

B. Just enough

C. Plenty

Question #3: How much storage do you need?

A. very few clothes

B. just enough

C. Too many clothes to count.

Question #4: I need a-

A. Wardrobe for a child

B. Wardrobe for a man

C.Wardrobe for a Woman

Question #5:  Where does your budget fall?

A. Low-range

B. Mid-range

C. High-range

Question #6: what’s most important?

A. Simplicity

B. Budget

C. Quality

Question #7: What is Your Style?

A. Basic

B. Classic

C. Contemporary

 Question #8:How many accessories do you have?

A. Few

B. Above average

C. Lost Count

Question #9: How about the weather conditions where you live?

A. Dry

B. Humid

C. Wet

Question #10: Are you happy with your current wardrobe


B. Can Compromise

C. No

Mostly A’s:

If most of your answers where A then you are mostly a teenager/bachelor or a person who is living away from home for work. Since you have little space and a very limited budget and not too many clothes you would be satisfied with a free-standing wardrobe. The free-standing wardrobe can be moved as there could be a requirement for it to be shifted. A free-standing wardrobe is very affordable and will fit perfectly in your budget. These wardrobes are usually readily available at stores. If you are looking for a custom-built free-standing wardrobe it could be easily done at our factory and shipped to your house.

Mostly B’s:

If your answers where mostly B then you are newly married or have to share your room with someone or live in an apartment where space is limited and compact. Space is limited but large enough to hold a full-size wall wardrobe. Space is not too much so to avoid feeling the crunch a sliding door wardrobe would be recommended. To go with the compact feel a lot of storage can be provided in the sliding wardrobes with specific drawers for specific items. If you are looking for a custom-built sliding door wardrobe we could do the job for you. Just talk to our designers and you can see the various options available with us. The sky is the limit when it comes to the colors and finishes we offer.

Mostly C’s:

If your answers where mostly C then you live in a large villa and have no budget constraints. You can go in for a walk-in wardrobe or a full wall wardrobe with all the bells and whistles. There is a range of special drawers and fittings which will make dressing up every morning a breeze. We specialize in these kinds of designs. We have a range of high end and 100% customized products for such projects. Our designers would be able to custom laminates for the doors to custom drawers for all you hold dear.

No matter the size of your room or the budget of your wallet, there is a wardrobe for everyone at Leben Style. We custom create for all your needs.

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