Top Interior Design Trends 2019

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Fresh off the new move of revolutionary designers, we are delightfully surprised to see vintage aesthetics making comebacks along with new interior design trends. Here are some of our favorite trends in 2019


Its been a decade and we have about had enough of the Minimalistic design, and its strict rules of keeping it simple. Call it a movement against minimalism or just esthetic of excess and redundancy, maximalism is her to stay. And with more and more clients continuing to follow this new trend, it makes all the more sense when looking to create a rich and unique space.

When looking to bring in eclectic design styles into your home, a maximal spirit will offer you so much more freedom when considering decorative objects. With maximalism, you’ll have much more freedom to follow your instinct which in turn, will make the design process so much easier. The key to getting maximalism right is to edit according to visual consistency so that your idea doesn’t seem forced. Stick to no more than three colors, patterns, and finishes for a more timeless take on maximalism that won’t feel dated or boring anytime soon.


Its been decades now since we have seen stamped tin panels in vogue, tin panels are the least expensive way to add texture to a room and envoke a feeling of vintage luxury. And while a tin ceiling look glamourous, tin panels also make for seriously chic


Of all the trends in 2019 this is the easiest and affordable of the home renovations one is able to achieve. This is a major upgrade when compared to the boring and plain flooring. For a quick transformation painted tiles are the fastest and easiest solution.


Along with the return of heady maximal design, if your living room design isn’t outfitted with a unique statement-making piece of furniture to start conversations, then update it with an avant-garde console table.

That said, if your living room decor budget doesn’t call for a major design splurge, then be on the lookout for more affordable console tables that boast clean, sharp lines in unexpected colors to help evoke the abstract into the everyday.


When it comes to modern lighting trends for your home, our interior designers often suggest new covetable sconce styles that take the less tabletop space. The best takes on modern wall lamps and sconces feature sleek matte finishes and oversized swing arms. They often also boast an Art Deco-inspired silhouette, making them timeless and handsome to boot.

Far from old-fashioned, the new updates to wall lamps and sconces we’ve seen will make for a smart extra for a smartly realized living room design, giving a traditional, yet uniquely modern spirit to your living room interior lighting.


You can never go wrong with black, so they say. And as the interior design trends 2019 are being revealed, our interior designers have come to a conclusion that black is now taking over the world of interior design. From black furniture, black prints, black walls, finishes, and fixtures, black is pretty much all over the place.

This year, black is used in multiple ways. For instance, you’ll find that one of the popular home design trends 2019 is having all black walls. This might seem a bit intimidating, but a black wall creates a powerful and elegant statement in home interior design. One of the most common misconceptions about using black for interior design is that it can make the room appear smaller. However, our interior design experts suggested pairing black with light colors since the contrast can help to further enhance the overall size and appearance of the space.

More common than ever, dining room furniture can now be seen arranged in kitchens, which means removing the counter and the center island to make way for these furnishings. With this kitchen interior design throwback, you can comfortably entertain guests at the dining table while you go on with your tasks in the kitchen area. It’s like combining the dining room and kitchen into one, which not only saves space but also makes preparing and serving food much easier.

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