Vastu Entrance to Improve Positive energy into your Home

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Is Your Home Entrance Vastu Compliant?

Your house like people has its own energy and personality. Vastu Shastra is the architecture and design theory from ancient India. Vastu helps balance the four elements(Earth, water, fire, and Air) which govern these energies. By balancing all four elements can control all aspects of your life. The main door channels all the energy into your house. Hence, to invite positivity into your home use these tips to improve house entrance.

#1 The Door Color

The color of the house front door or main door of the house is very important as per Vastu. The front door of the house channels the positive energy for your house. When good positive energy circulation, then the people living in the house experience positive effects of the energy.

Direction: North direction is associated with new opportunities

Colors: The colors of the water element are all shade of blue and black.

Direction: South direction is associated with the energy of money and wealth

Colors: The Colors of the fire elements are all shade of red, pink and orange.

Direction: East direction is air element or wood element

Colors: The Colors of air element or wood element are any shade of green color and brown color

Direction: West direction is space element or a metal element

Colors: The Colors of the Space element is white, off-white and greys.

#2 The Nameplate

Imprint on your home, it is important to put your name on the entrance of your house. It personalizes your home and gives a name to it. So, when the positive vibes enter your home, they are focussed on the well-being of your family.

  • Put the plate on the Main door
  • Have a Large enough nameplate
  • Blend well with the main door.
  • Well-lit.
  • Do not clutter it, Keep the nameplate stylish but simple
  • Keep it clean and is dust-free.

#3 The Doormat and Threshold

Every home should have a raised threshold and doormat outside the main entrance. The raised threshold acts as a barrier to negative energies and they bounce away from the entrance itself. A doormat might seem like a functional accessory for a home but it is much more. When you dust your feet on the doormat before entering, you are leaving all the bad energy outside along with the dirt.

  • The color of happiness
  •  Rectangular mat attracts a steady relationship
  • Round shape affects love life and marital bliss
  • Oval shape attracts wealth and money
  • Silk, cotton, wool and natural fiber is best
  • Avoid acrylic fabric.
  • keep it clean
  • compliant plants near the mat at the entrance

#4 Mirrors Reflect Prosperity

Mirrors hold a dual feature in terms of Vastu; they reflect energy be it good or bad. Placing the mirror right opposite the main entrance is not considered good Vastu, we don’t want good energy to be reflected. Place a mirror at the right angle to the door. This will allow the mirror to reflect the energy inside the house.

#5 Green for good luck!

Natural Beauty attracts more positive energy. Wellness and harmony are associated with green and nature; it harnesses positivity such as Zen, Feng Shui and Vastu. So having plants inside and outside the main door is a great way to establish peace within your house.

  • The round leaves of plants are symbolic of wealth and financial growth
  • Bamboo brings luck to the home and stands for peace and innocence.
  • Orchids are associated with fertility, libido, and attraction
  • Tulsi plant is an auspicious plant and helps with bringing in positive energy to your house.
  • Avoid thorny plants like cactus and rose

Not all the Vastu theories mentioned are practically possible to follow word-by-word. It is difficult to find homes that are Vastu compliant, some changes need to be made to make your home perfect. However, certain corrective measures are always within your reach. You can definitely keep your door hinges oiled and get some wind chimes to absorb all the negative energy.

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